Kaspar Korjus

Managing Director, e-Residency

Kaspar Korjus (30) is helping nations worldwide to become truly digital and borderless societies. As Managing Director of e-Residency, Kaspar is building a new fully digital nation for global citizens, built on inclusion, transparency and legitimacy to empower citizens globally and to achieve world-wide digital and financial inclusion.

Kaspar is listed by Forbes Estonia `30 under 30ยด people as #1 in Technology and Finance and was elected by US CTO Megan Smith as one of the 20 global digital leaders. Kaspar is also the founding curator of World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community in Estonia and board member of multiple blockchain and fintech companies. In 2017, Kaspar became the most quoted Estonian national in the world and in 2018.

In 2018, Kaspar was awarded the Order of Orange-Nassau by the King of the Netherlands, His Majesty Willem-Alexander, in recognition of his notable contributions for the betterment of societies worldwide.