Michael Geike

CEO, Advanced Blockchain AG

Michael is a mathematician with over six years’ experience as an investment banker for JP Morgan. He has also led teams of Data Scientists, focused on optimizing payment algorithms for Zalando, and has co-founded the first publicly listed Distributed Ledger Technology company, Smart Equity AG, in 2013. Michael is an advisor to peaq.

peaq is a decentralised ecosystem which enables tokenisation and exchange of any digital asset built on the most advanced form of Distributed Ledger Technology currently available, the Tangle Network. The platform facilitates innovation by providing a framework by which entrepreneurs can tokenize their ideas and have them listed and traded on the first truly-decentralised, lightning fast, infinitely scalable, quantum-resistant exchange. The peaq project will add a whole new dimension to the crypto-world, making it possible to create previously inconceivable projects in currently non-existent digital markets.