Jonathan Hope

Co-founder & CEO, Keychain

Jonathan is a technologist and second-time entrepreneur that believes that data security is the cornerstone of fintech’s next generation. An applied cryptographer by training, Jonathan dedicated much of his career to building and deploying high-frequency trading systems on Wall Street for companies such as Goldman Sachs and Blomberg.  Jonathan co-founded Keychain to fortify operational integrity of data for the finance, industry, and enterprise sectors.


Keychain is a blockchain-based data provenance infrastructure (DPI) that works as nature intended it to work — peer-to-peer, on any device, over any network, and absent trust in any third party for data security. Keychain is the first and yet the only company in the world to deploy a blockchain data provenance solution to small IoT devices. Keychain also provides a digital asset platform (DAP) on which its clients may issue and manage digital bearer instruments for any asset — energy and petroleum credits, gaming assets, and digital money — without programming.


Jonathan holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in computer science and loves sailing and Blue-Note era jazz.