Dr. Chris Kacher

Founder, Virtue of Selfish Investing LLC

Dr. Chris Kacher has been involved in blockchain technology since early 2013 when he first bought bitcoin whilst it was trading around $10. He was involved in early meetings with Vitalik Buterin among others starting in 2013 before ethereum went public. His average cost was $0.68/ETH. Once the youngest trader and head of fundamental and technical stock market research for William O’Neil & Co., Inc., he consistently outperformed the group of all-star, hand-picked traders and is known as a techno-fundamental investor in stocks having achieved a KPMG verified return of +18,241% from the years Jan 1996 – Dec 2002 which covered both bull and bear markets. He applies similar strategies to cryptocurrencies which he developed in the 25+ years trading stocks which has enabled him to achieve significant returns even during bear markets. He has published numerous works including William O’Neil’s Model Book of Stocks (1998) and 4 books through Wiley & Sons including Bestseller “How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market” (2010) available in five languages. Chris has appeared in various print, radio, and television platforms such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters, Dow Jones, Forbes, and MarketWatch and was interviewed in Kevin Marder’s book “Conversations With Top Traders” (2000) among others.
Dr. Kacher received his PhD in Nuclear Physics from University of California at Berkeley in 1995. He co-created Element 110 on the Periodic Table of Elements and “confirmed” the existence of Element 106 which the team named Seaborgium after his Nobel Laureate thesis advisor, Dr. Glenn Seaborg, the creator of plutonium and 9 other elements. A prior concert pianist and contemporary composer, two of Chris’s pieces have charted on iTunes at positions 28 and 124.