Dohyung “DH” Kim

CEO, Finhaven

Dohyung “DH” Kim (CEO) DH has deep experience in capital markets, industry, public company management in Canada and Korea, and company building as an entrepreneur and executive manager. He started his business career at Merrill Lynch (Global Headquarters in NYC). He did multiple cross-border transactions in capital raise, going public, going private and M&As as business principal or lead advisor. He started NMC in 2008, and developed NMC Moland Mine into production in 2010. DH was Executive VP of Dongwon Corporation where he gained interests in the mining industry. At Dongwon, he successfully restructured and operated two business units.

DH was an advisor to the Korean Ministry of Commerce and Resources.

DH has also taught business courses at Columbia University in NYC and Korea University in Seoul. He holds a Master of International Affairs (International Finance & Business) from Columbia University (New York, NY), and BA with honors in International Affairs from Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR). His undergraduate honors thesis was “Beyond Principled Negotiation: Negotiation between the DPRK and the USA on the Nuclear Program”