Andrius Biceika

Head of Business Development, Revolut

Andrius is a FinTech and business development specialist and Head of Business Development at Revolut, one of the fastest growing start-ups in the world, and UK’s first digital bank unicorn. Andrius’ colourful professional profile consists partly of a highly successful corporate world at Euromonitor International in Vilnius and London, with the other half of coming from his experience in various technical start-ups. After setting up and launching Revolut for Business, Andrius is now responsible for global growth and his team of business developers all over the world. Having grown from 0 to 3 mln. customers in 3 years and acquiring $336M of investments, Revolut has major plans on how to make the financial sector radically better, and to allow people handle their finances in a faster and more convenient way than ever before – and Andrius is one of the few people who are turning these plans into reality.