Alastair Johnson

CEO, Nuggets

Alastair has spent over 25 years as an entrepreneur and innovator, almost entirely in digital innovation: taking big ideas and design through to delivery. With deep knowledge across technical, production and commercial areas, he has led global integrated product development and product marketing for brands like Microsoft, Skype, Office, Xbox, Hololens, Disney, TED and the BBC. He has created and led multi-disciplinary global teams in both start-ups and multinational corporations, both client and agency side.

About Nuggets:

Nuggets is a consumer blockchain platform that provides a single biometric tool for payment, login and identity verification, without sharing or storing private data. By combining the security of blockchain encryption with biometric verification, Nuggets makes passwords effectively obsolete, and gives users a secure ‘personal cloud’ of data, held in zero-knowledge storage. Not even Nuggets itself can access your data.

The concept was inspired by CEO Alastair Johnson’s experience of having his payment details used fraudulently – and the complicated, frustrating process that ensued. Nuggets solves this problem, using zero knowledge storage, encryption, privacy, security and trust, all combined with the decentralised immutable ledger.

For consumers, Nuggets is a single, secure sign-on for payment, login and ID verification, without tracking and selling your activity. And because access is purely through biometrics, there are no more usernames or passwords.

For businesses, Nuggets will mean the end of vast, vulnerable databases of customer data – hugely reducing the risk of regulatory issues, fraud and the reputational damage of a breach. Nuggets will be available across e-commerce platforms and payment gateways.