Keynote: Disrupting Disruption. The Future of DLT. – Moontec | Tallinn 2018

Keynote: Disrupting Disruption. The Future of DLT.

Dec 5, 2017


Moon Stage

50 Minutes

The phrase ‘the next big thing’ has been thrown around a lot over recent years, so much so that it’s lost its edge. Investors understand the crypto-world a lot better nowadays, and to be dubbed the real ‘next big thing’ would take something truly revolutionary. Something new and exciting, that could bypass the drawbacks of blockchain and open up a whole new dimension to the
world of Distributed Ledger Technology. Like, for instance, if you were to fuse the established brilliance of Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard with the innovative genius of IOTA’s Tangle Network to create the first truly decentralized, infinitely scalable, quantum-proof tokenization and exchange platform. That would be a huge step for Distributed Ledger Technology.

  • Guillaume Ballet


  • Michael Geike

    Advanced Blockchain AG