JAAK: Adding Value to the Music and Media Industries – Moontec | Tallinn 2018

JAAK: Adding Value to the Music and Media Industries

Dec 5, 2017


Moon Stage

25 Minutes

Variations of blockchain implementations have captured the music and media industry’s attention, however met with great skepticism and scrutiny over practicality or necessity. Enter JAAK, the London-based tech company founded by Vaughn McKenzie, Freddie Tibbles and Viktor Tron. The startup have cut through much of the hype, identifying a practical solution to a very real problem.

JAAK is creating a comprehensive platform to enable music industry partners to access, manage and utilize metadata for musical compositions and recordings.

While current sites offer some of this information, JAAK provides a simple framework for connecting identifying information from labels, publishers, performing rights organizations, and managers.

By streamlining what’s historically been a frustrating process for even the most seasoned music industry professional, JAAK seeks to increase industry efficiency while facilitating easier and more immediate music licensing.

  • Dan Fowler