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Sponsorship Packages

"If you're going to stay in the Olympics, you've got to be entertaining. And get sponsorship." - Dan Gable.

Take advantage of a variety of Moontec sponsorship opportunities. As a sponsor, your organization will benefit from greater visibility in the conference program, on the slideshows & banners in the Main Hall, on the website as well as appear in our branded goods, provided to attendees. There are 3 main sponsorship packages, but all of them can be modified to your specific needs. We’ll make sure that you’ll maximize the opportunities offered at the Moontec 17 Conference.


  • Featured logo on website
  • Tall table booth with a roll-up
  • Logo on conference banners
  • 1 promo item in attendees’ gift bags
  • 1/2 page ad in guide
  • 2 Premium tickets

  • Large company logo on website
  • Branded 6m2 booth in the expo area
  • Logo on all banners (incl. presswall)
  • Logo on video screens
  • 1 promo item in attendees’ gift bags
  • 1 whole page ad in guide
  • 5 Premium Tickets

  • XL company logo on website
  • Branded 12m2 booth
  • Large logo on presswall
  • Logo on video screens
  • Logo in promo emails
  • Branded badges & lanyards
  • 2 items in gift bag
  • 2-page ad in guide
  • Social media promotion
  • Mentions in press releases
  • 5 VIP Tickets, 5 Premium Tickets

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

General Partner is often considered as the co-organiser of the event. Visitors will see your brand’s name almost everywhere. Sponsor’s benefits include:

  • Branded lanyards for all conference visitors
  • Logo on the conference bag
  • XL Logo on event website
  • Mentions in press releases and promo materials
  • XL Logo on the presswall
  • Logo on the cover of conference booklet
  • VIP Tickets (# of tickets discussed personally).

With this package, you will reach all of our conference attendees and those, who couldn’t make it. Branded lanyards and conference bags give the best possible reach to your audience on the event, both during badge pick-up and business conversations between attendees. Logos and mentions in press publications will expose your brand to another large audience – people who learned about the conference from the Internet.

After-party is the place, where most of the networking happens after the conference. More importantly, it is open for attendees with Premium Tickets only, meaning that the audience there will represent a higher than average profile segment. Benefits include:

  • Widespread mentions of your company/brand
  • XL logo on the website
  • Branding inside the after-party venue
  • Company logo on photos from the after-party
  • 1 page ad in the conference booklet
  • Logo on the presswall
  • Premium Tickets (# of tickets discussed personally)

With this package, our premium ticket holders will remember you as the company, who organised the networking event, where they made great connections with industry colleagues, business deals and spent the time in a perfect way. Great for positive marketing effect and reaching out to your partners on the after-party. After the event, we will release the photo report on social media, which will push for another reach campaign of your brand.

Registration desk is the first destination point of every conference attendee. This is where they pick up their badges and ask for information. Sponsors benefits:

  • Registration desk branding
  • Logo on the website
  • 1 promo item in the gift bag
  • 1 page ad in the conference booklet
  • Premium tickets (# of tickets discussed personally).

High visibility with zero “ad stuffing” effect. Before entering the venue and seeing exhibitors, company brands and logos inside, all conference visitors will have their attention focused on the registration desk. Perfect for both B2C & B2B service providers.

One of the things that all attendees need at a conference is Internet connection. You have the opportunity to advertise your brand through Wi-Fi branding. Sponsors benefits:

  • Wi-Fi Password branding
  • Logo on the website
  • 1 promo item in the gift back
  • 1 page ad in the conference booklet
  • Premium tickets (# of tickets discussed personally).

Great engagement effect, as attendees have to actually type in your brand’s name to access the Internet (Wi-Fi Password).  Perfect for both B2C & B2B service providers.

A great part of networking happens during coffee and lunch breaks. Attendees get full of positive emotions during these breaks, as they can fulfill their psychological needs as well as find potential partners for their business during networking. We offer a branding opportunity for these occasions:

  • Lunch & Coffee break branding
  • Logo on the website
  • 1 promo item in the gift back
  • 1 page ad in the conference booklet
  • Premium tickets (# of tickets discussed personally).

Attendees will remember your brand as the one, who solved an important problem to them (hunger and thirst). Additionally, your brand will be perfectly visible on photo & video reports from the conference. A perfect opportunity to engage with your potential customers and partners.

Mobile phones are widely used at conferences. A typical problem that attendees stumble upon is the battery charge level, that gets low in the second half of the day. We are placing charging stations for this occasion. Sponsor’s benefits:

  • Charging Station branding
  • Logo on the website
  • 1 promo item in the gift back
  • 1 page ad in the conference booklet
  • Premium tickets (# of tickets discussed personally).

Branding in one of the most visited sections at the conference. Positive marketing opportunity for technology & service providers.


Estonia has made headlines with its proposal to issue the first ever government ICO. The interest towards blockchain in this country has never been higher.

At this event, we are gathering the brightest minds from various parts of the world, who are eager to drive the industry further. More importantly, our target audience is very well defined – people and companies, interested in the blockchain technology and its implementation in existing business processes. We expect a wide range of high-profile people from various industries – from Telecommunications and Logistics to Public Sector and Fintech.

We expect to see over a 1000 of professionals to attend the event, most of whom will be coming from Europe.

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